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This Swan figurine with a delicate neck and a few of its feathers pointing upwards, this adorable swan figurine is the perfect complement to your display shelf for your home interiors or uses it as nursery décor.

Swans are known for their beauty and grace, and this swan sculpture perfectly portrays that aspect. The swan, sculpted in delicate metallic and various colors, has a warm light and a lifelike quality. As it sways its neck slowly, one may almost imagine it gliding across the surface of a lake.


Product Details:

  • Size (length x width x height): 9.5x4x11 inches

  • Weight: Total 2kg 

  • Material: Resin

  • Feature: High Grade and 100% brand new.

  • Package: High-Quality Carton Box.


Swan Figurine Gold and Copper

Color: Copper
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